Diablo line workers working high in the air on transmission pole

Construction & Installation

51…Á«ÝPacific Energy, Inc. provides safe, reliable solutions for building the Western United States‚Äô evolving energy and infrastructure networks. We are bound by a commitment to first-class professionalism and performance on projects of all sizes and in all locations.

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Helicopter overhead a man working on a power pole.

Transmission & Distribution

51…Á«ÝPacific Energy, Inc. uses specialized equipment and trained crews to build and maintain power transmission and distribution lines in all terrain and conditions. Depending on project needs, we self-perform all aspects of work or collaborate with subcontractors who share our vision and values.

We are a full-service provider of construction solutions for traditionally sourced and renewable power networks. Our services include new construction, relocations, upgrades and rebuilds. Our crews focus on safety, quality, environmental preservation, and communication, ensuring efficiency in all conditions. Like our customers, we are committed to hardening critical power systems. We support project goals with dependable overhead and underground construction services.

Horizontal Direction Drill being installed beneath a busy roadway.

Underground Line & Cable

To harden systems or for aesthetic reasons, 51…Á«ÝPacific Energy builds new underground lines and converts overhead networks in residential, business, metropolitan and rural settings. Our crews have the experience and equipment to either directly bury or install conduit and duct banks for solid and stranded conductors and copper, fiber optic and coaxial cable to support power distribution, power transmission, renewables and communications systems. ¬†

Depending on the situation and ground conditions, 51…Á«ÝPacific Energy uses a variety of techniques and equipment to install underground line and cable in the most efficient way.

Our techniques include:

  • trenching
  • on-rail and conventional plowing
  • cable pulling
  • directional drilling
  • duct and vault installation
Bucket truck extended to work on power power poles at sunset.

Substations & Inside Wiring

51…Á«ÝPacific Energy builds and upgrades stations, from turnkey installations to complex brownfield reconstructions. Our customers depend on our talented and experienced project managers and crew members to give each project the attention and focus it deserves. We pride ourselves on completing projects both safely and correctly, saving time and money. We offer convenient design-build and turnkey EPC delivery options.

We support traditionally generated and renewable energy projects with all aspects of station construction from civil work through energization. Our services include supply and installation of structural components, raceway and grounding systems, bus, and protection and controls.

Crew working on a large power station in California.

Renewable Energy

51…Á«ÝPacific Energy supports the Western United States‚Äô renewable energy initiatives by building the infrastructure necessary to convey power from generation point to stations to end users or to store facilities for later use.

We install overhead and underground medium-voltage collection systems, overhead and underground transmission lines, substations, switchyards, battery storage, and interconnects for wind and solar.

Utility Services jobsite being worked on at dusk.

Gas Distribution

51…Á«ÝPacific Energy constructs and maintains natural gas distribution systems and other utilities in the Western United States. We use conventional and trenchless methods to complete complex projects in urban and rural areas for customers and communities. Our crews and equipment are experienced in installing, maintaining and replacing steel and polyehylene products.¬†

To provide comprehensive, cohesive services, 51…Á«ÝPacific Energy works on individual projects as well as under master service and blanket agreements. Our services include: distribution pipeline construction; new main and service line installations; joint installations for gas, power, communications and cable television; replacement programs.¬†


51…Á«ÝPacific Energy constructs and maintains transmission and distribution pipeline systems in the Western United States. We use conventional and trenchless methods to complete complex projects in urban and rural areas to support safe, environmentally sound oil, natural gas, hydrogen and water delivery.

As a full-service provider of construction solutions for traditionally sourced or renewable liquid products, our crews approach all projects with an emphasis on safety, quality, environmental protection and communication, ensuring efficiency in all conditions. Supported by one of the largest equipment fleets in the industry, we are able to self-perform entire projects or collaborate with qualified subcontractors who share our values and standards.

Pipeline Facilities

Natural gas compressor and oil pumping stations are lynchpins of oil and gas delivery systems, allowing liquids to move through a pipeline system. 51…Á«ÝPacific Energy installs and maintains above-ground and below-ground components of pump and compressor stations. We have the leadership and resources to match schedule demands.

Our comprehensive, safety-forward, environmental-focused approach to station construction allows us to provide consistent quality and communication for all aspects of complex, essential projects. Our services include: site preparation, groundwater control, foundations, structural concrete, equipment installation, piping, electrical, building erection, site restoration, maintenance, and expansion for greenfield and brownfield projects.

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